Heim Joints & Hardware

Rockwell Offroad fabricates custom heim joints, tube inserts, Johnny joints, jam nuts, misalignment spacers, and safety washers to get your link suspension up and running. For a link suspension to work properly, you need good suspension geometry, joints, and other hardware that allow for enough movement. Rockwell Offroad's cusom parts are made using top quality materials. We fabricate all of the parts you need to build an efficient link suspension and so much more.

Rebuildable Rod Ends
JMX and JMXL Series 3-Piece Rod Ends
RWO Heat Treated Heim Joints
Magnum Series Heims and Hardware
Jam Nuts
RWO Heat Treated Offset Heim Joints
Economy Heat Treated Heim Joints
Female Heat Treated Heim Joints
Tube Inserts
Misalignment Spacers
High Misalignment Spacers
Safety Washer
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Rockwell Offroad is locally owned and operated in East Texas.  We pride ourselves on selling top quality offroad parts at a very affordable price while maintaining expert customer service! 

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